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/totalmed-logo.jpg" alt="TotalMed" width="250" height="84" hspace="5" align="right">TotalMED Subic a Philippine-registered firm, is a total health care provider engaged in ambulatory and hospital care. The company currently operates medical clinics in Antipolo City Rizal, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Makati City and Quezon City.

TotalMED started operations in January and March of 2007, when TOTALMED SUBIC (TS) AND TOTALMED CLARK (TC) were incorporated and registered to provide outpatient (ambulatory) and inpatient (hospital) medical care in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Clark Freeport Zone and eventually, in key cities and other growth regions nationwide.

TotalMED Subic has signed a two year renewable lease to operate a multi-specialty ambulatory and diagnostic center with Subic Vest in Subic Bay Industrial Park. Renovation started in September and full operations started in March 2008..

Today, TotalMED is the only full service Ambulatory Care facility inside Subic Bay. Among its largest clients are HANJIN SHIPBUILDING and all SBDMC‘S 150 locator companies and 20,000 employees located in Subic Bay Gateway Park.


Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Raymond Ricardo, is a 35 year health industry veteran and will provide vision and leadership as CEO and President. He obtained his internship and residency training at the NY University-Bellevue-VA Medical Center in New York City. He practiced Pathology in many hospitals in the US and was full Professor of Pathology at Lincoln and Pikeville Universities in Tennessee and Kentucky. He is a board certified by the American Board of Pathology and is a lifetime fellow of the College of American Pathologists. Dr. Ricardo has served as Chief of the Medical staff and as Board Member of the Board of Trustees at Lee County Regional Medical Center in Virginia and as President of the Virginia Association of Philippine Physicians.

/raymond-ricardo.jpg" alt="Dr. Raymond Ricardo" width="100" height="136" hspace="5">

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Dr. Avenilo Aventura was the founding Director of the Philippine Heart Center. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery and the Philippine Board of Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, American College of Cardiology and American College of Chest Physicians. He has served as President of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia, Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Association of Asia, ASEAN Federation of Cardiology, 4th Asian Vascular Society International Congress, Philippine Heart Association, Philippine Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons, and the Asia Pacific Heart Network. He is Chairman of Caritas Health Shield HMO. He served as Chairman of the Philippine Board of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons, Board of Trustees, Heart Foundation of the Philippines, Organizing Committee, ASEAN Congress of Cardiology, Council of Cardiac Surgery, Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology, and the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. He is an Associate Professor of the UST College of Medicine and Surgery. He served as Presidential Physician. Dr. Aventura has received numerous awards for his surgical and medical activities and is a member or officer of several Boards and organizations.

/avenilo-aventura.jpg" alt="Dr.Avenilo Aventura" width="100" height="142" hspace="5">

Consultant, Member, Board of Governors

Dr. Tan is a former Secretary of Health for the Philippine Government. He served as Undersecretary and Chief of Staff of the Department of Health from 1992 to 1994. Prior to that time, he held senior positions at the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), both at the national and the regional levels. Earlier, Dr. Tan served as a rural health physician and trainer. Dr. Tan has been a Consultant for UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), The World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Dr. Tan is widely published and has lectured in fifteen countries on several continents. The recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Tan is currently an International Consultant on Health Policy Development and was until recently Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of the Philippines Manila and, concurrently, Executive Director of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Tan is President and/or Chief Officer of several health-related nongovernmental organizations. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines and the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium. Dr. Tan is a Philippine citizen.

/jaime-galvez-tan.gif" alt="Dr.Jaime Galvez Tan" width="100" height="140" hspace="5">

Executive Vice-President

Dr. Luzviminda Ricardo, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer retired from medical practice in 1997 after a long and distinguished career. She did her residency in Anesthesia at St. Luke’s Medical Center in New York City and practiced in New York and Virginia. Dr. L. Ricardo has received several awards for outstanding service while as intern, resident and consultant during her 27 year career. She founded and currently manages Ameriphil Medical Transcription Institute and is co-founder of TotalMED. Dr. L. Ricardo is instrumental in the continuing success of both companies.

/lv-ricardo.jpg" alt="Dr. Minda Ricardo" width="100" height="138" hspace="5">

Vice-President, Operations

Dr. Ortin holds a doctorate degree in Medicine as well as in Education. She has a masters degree in Nursing and Medical Practice Management. She is President and Dean of Metro Subic College. She is a Governor of the International College of surgeons and the Philippine Medical Association. She is past president of the Olongapo Medical Society.


International Vice President,
Vice President, Project Development

President, LCI Group Ltd.
President, Wampole Brands Inc., Canada
Head of Business Development, Del Monte and Ciba Geigy/Novartis
Senior management with Johnson&Johnson International.
Chief Operating Officer, ISM BioPolymer, Quebec, Canada
Member of the Board of Directors, Nu-Life Nutrition Canada Ltd., Millennium Biotechnology Inc., New Jersey, U.S.A.
Member, Advisory Group, Sheridan College International School; Brock University/U.P. College Los Banos
Bachelor of Science in Commerce, C.P.A., De La Salle; Marketing and Finance, Univ. of Washington, Seattle Economics, Univ. of Toronto

/ben-custodio.jpg" width="95" height="125">

Medical Director

Dr. Bu Castro, the Medical Director and Vice-President of Medico-Legal Affairs, is Board Certified in Pathology. He has served as PMA president and is very active as a professor in various medical universities including St. Luke’s, UST and Fatima Universities. He served as Medico-Legal Officer of St. Luke’s, Chinese General, Mary Chile’s, Fatima and Children’s Medical Centers. He was former chairman of the College of Medicine of Pamantasan Ng Lungsod Ng Maynila. He is a former President of the Philippine Association of Forensic Medicine., Dr. Castro has been instrumental in instituting many reforms in the Medical profession and has authored many articles in medical journals and publications

/bu_castro.jpg" alt="Dr. Bu Castro" width="95" height="125" hspace="5">

Vice President, Projects Development

Apart from having a medical degree, Dr. Rey Melchor Santos holds a Masters degree in Hospital Administration from the Ateneo Graduate School. Dr. Santos is President of the Philippine College of Surgeons, the Phil. Association of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery, and the Phil. Obesity Control Team. He is Secretary-Treasurer of the American College of Surgeons, Phil. Chapter. He serves as the Vice President of the Phil. Society of Bariatric Surgery and the Phil. Medical Association. He is Governor and Examiner of the Phil. Board of Surgery and the Phil. Board of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery.

/ray-melchor-santos.jpg" alt="Dr. Melchor Santos" width="95" height="130" hspace="5">

Vice President, Legal

Attorney Abelardo Albis received his law degree from the University of the Philippines. He served as National Youth Director of YMCAs in the Philippines. He practiced as law partner of Conde and Albis Law Office and Albis and Associates. He is currently serving as President of Santo Domingo Institute Inc. and as President and Senior Pastor of Christ is Coming Inc. He is currently the Assistant Corporate Secretary of the Sta. Lucia Group of Companies and also the Chief Legal Counsel of Sta. Lucia Realty Development Corporation.


Chief of Clinics

Dr. Argente Alejandro, Director of Primary Care has had a sterling career in medical practice and has served as President of the Philippine Federation of Family Practitioners, President of the Philippine Association of Alternative Medicine, and as Vice President of the PMA. Dr. Alejandro has been the recipient of numerous awards for his unstinting service to his profession, the PMA, PAAM and the PFFP.

/dr-alejandro.jpg" alt="Dr. Argente Alejandro" width="95" height="130" hspace="7">

Consultant, Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Francis Gomez graduated as a full scholar from the UERM Medical Center and holds an MD degree, a Masters in Primary Health Care Management from the ASEAN Institute for Health Development and a Masters Degree un Entrepreneurship from the Asian Institute of Management. He finished a fellowship in Health Policy Development at Boston University. He is currently COO of New MarketLink Pharmaceutical Company and President of Altermed Corporation, a subsidiary of PAscual Laboratories. He is a Trustee of the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine. He served as Head, Technical Senate Staff for Health Management and WHO adviser on Traditional Medicine as well as Adviser on the Technical Staff of the Secretary of Health, DOH, Philippines.

/doc%20gomez.jpg" alt="Dr. Francis Gomez" width="95" height="130" hspace="7">

Member, Board of Directors

Dr. Expedita Castro received her medical degree from the University of Santo Tomas. She served as Professor of Internal Medicine at UERMMC (UE Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center). Dr. Castro practiced internal medicine in Washington, Ohio, and Maine, USA and clinical research work involving drugs in Hypertension, Diabetes, Gastric ulcers, Degenerative osteoarthritis and Psychiatry in Seattle, WA. She also worked for 5 years as Internist in Washington State Hospital experiencing the challenges of treating mentally challenged patients and the effects and complications of psychiatric medications. She is the founder and Chairperson of the Medical Missions to Pilar Foundation, a 501 C3 Tax exemot Charitable Organization.

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Woori TotalMed
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Nibo-David Links Corporation
David-Link Corporation established its Philippine Operation Group in 1997, aiming to provide
emerging offices in the greater Manila Area with
the highest quality Office Automation Products available in the international market today.
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Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
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