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A CST medical concierge will usually reply to your email within 24 hours. Because we answer all email individually, we sometimes get backed up, so please be patient. If you don’t receive a reply from us in a couple of days, it may be because you gave us an incomplete or wrong email address, or your security settings prevented our reply from coming through.

As you're making your plans, keep these do's and don't's in mind.

Step 1

Write us for a ballpark estimate. We will reply with the cost and details of a surgery package that includes your combined procedures and length of stay for surgery and recovery. We may request you to email photos. Not sure what you want?

We do not make flight arrangements and we do not include airfare in our cost. We’ll be happy to refer you to travel agents who we use and who understand your needs.

Step 2

Fill out a booking request when you're ready and when you know your approximate dates of travel. We'd like about eight weeks notice if possible.

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