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TotalMED Subic Ambulatory and Multispecialty Center, centrally located in the Industrial Park of Subic Bay, is a convenient venue for annual or periodic comprehensive medical check-ups. Busy executives will find this an easy process which involves minimum waiting times. We have designed our procedures and processes around the hectic and busy schedules of time-limited executives.

Our plans are broad and comprehensive and offer great value for the money.

On arrival, you will be taken to your well appointed air conditioned rooms where you can immediately become comfortable. All our rooms have cable TV and phones and bathrooms with showers. Our facility is also equipped with wireless capacity for internet access. Your room is also provided with an extra cot for a companion or helper/assistant to sleep on.

Your doctor will take the medical history and do the required physical examinations in your room. Blood may also be drawn and urine samples may be taken at this time. You will be taken to the x-ray room for your radiographic examination at a pre-appointed time so there is hardly any waiting. If you need to be seen in consultation with another physician, we will take you to his clinic, again at a pre designated time to minimize waiting. We understand the need for busy people to undergo medical checkups in a non hurried but controlled and well organized environment

We can provide patients with a personal assistant who can help them bathe, dress, eat, do errands, or to arrange for appointments with the hairdresser, manicurist, cosmetologist or just to keep the patient company..
All meals are prepared by our kitchen staff. The food is tasty, delicious and nutritious. Your doctor may prescribe a special diet such as a low salt diet. If you are under no diet restrictions and wish to have special food, we can prepare your meals according to your specifications.

Admission time for Executive check ups is 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M., Mondays to Thursdays. All tests included in the plan are prearranged and set. No substitutions or additions may be added except by the physicians. If an additional test is requested by your doctor, you will be charged for the test or procedure. The plans include only diagnostic tests. Medications will be charged to the patient’s account.

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