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Your Cosmetic Surgery Travel personal assistant

YourTotalMED Subic Ambulatory and Multispecialty Center personal assistant will be there for you from the time you arrive in Subic Bay to the time you leave. She is a certified medical concierge. She is your contact with your surgeon, your hotel, and anyone else you need to reach. She is the person your family can call if they have any questions.

She is your liaison who speaks excellent English. Depending on your procedure, your personal Cosmetic Surgery Travel assistant may be the nurse who will also take care of you after your surgery, or your personal assistant may be a member of our concierge staff. Our male clients may request a male personal assistant or nurse.

Some clients feel isolated or a little lonely as they recover from surgery. Having a personal assistant at hand helps get you through that period.

Your first day

When you arrive at the airport to start your medical vacation, a TotalMED Subic Ambulatory and Multispecialty Center car and driver will be waiting for you to take you to the center. or your hotel depending on your prearrival arrangements. Your personal assistant, and medical concierge – will meet you at your hotel or at the hospital soon after your arrival.

We’ll help you check in and see that you’re settled comfortably. If your schedule permits, you may get a special treat - a wonderfully soothing massage.

Your medical concierge will go over your schedule with you: consultation with your plastic surgeon, time and location of cosmetic surgery, what to expect immediately after surgery, description of your post-surgery recovery program, other services that you’ve requested, and any other needs you may have.

We’ll review any documents or test results you have brought with you for the consultation with your surgeon , such as photographs, x-rays, consent forms, statements from your home physician, and anything else that has been previously arranged. She will help you make your payment for your medical services.

We will also provide you with a prepaid cellular phone for use during your stay. All the phone numbers are preprogrammed, so you can call any of us around-the-clock. Your friends and family can also call you on that number.

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